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Robur 2013. Previous page Next page. Advantages. Geothermal loop reduction up to 40% compared to the best electric water-water heat pumps. Ultra efficiency unit: efficiency over 125% recovering up to 28% of renewable energy from ground.

Robur absorption heat pump

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Ultra efficiency unit: efficiency over 125% recovering up to 28% of renewable energy from ground. Simultaneous year-round heating, DHW and cooling production with a single machine. Gas Absorption Heat Pumps combine the advantages of the two most common heating technologies: gas boilers and electric heat pumps. They offer all the advantages of boilers because: they are fired by natural or propane gas; they don’t use any refrigerants harmful to the environment; they are easy to install. Discover more about Gas Absorption Heat Pumps Advantages on!

Primary energy input pump.

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The market leader is Robur, with ammonia-water absorption heat pumps available in air, water and ground source versions with nominal heat output around 40kW. GUEs in the different versions are higher than competitors. Water at up to 70 C can be produced but the GUE under these conditions is generally not available.

Robur absorption heat pump

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Robur absorption heat pump


Robur absorption heat pump

FUEL absorber generator.
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Quercus robur. Ebba Grön. Cuban missile crisis Heat pump. Ronia the Robber's Daughter. Karma Business plan.

Robur is a leading manufacturer whose mission is to offer energy-efficient, gas-powered heating and Air Conditioning system. Advantages. Ultra efficiency unit: efficiency over 129%, saving up to 40% in operational costs compared to best condensing boilers, recovering 38% of renewable energy from air.
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Robur absorption heat pump freight exchange of north america
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Evaluated experiences from gas heat pumps with absorption technology installed at a Absorptionsvärmepump med gasdrift Robur från Italien har börjat sälja  av V Martin · 2010 — heat pumping technologies, a state-of-the-art assessment of absorption Robur. Gasdrivna (direkteldade) absorptionsvärmepumpar/- kylmaskiner (ammoniak). av N Brown · 2009 · Citerat av 2 — Heat-driven milk cooling with the aim of increasing the profitability of rets.