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IMDG – sjö kräver:. 18 dec. 2017 — transport till sjöss av förpackat farligt gods (IMDG-koden). IATA - IATA International Air Transport Association. Dangerous Goods. Regulations.

Imdg dangerous goods list

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Amendment 39-18) came into force on 1 January 2020 for two years and may be applied voluntarily as from 1 January 2019. Validity of this edition has been extended until 31 May 2022. The IMDG Code Supplement, 2020 Edition renders obsolete the previous 2018 edition. Title. Date. Column 7a of Dangerous Goods List in chapter 3.2 of IMDG Code sets the maximum quantity per inner packing for limited quantities. If value in column 7a is “0” then that entry is not permitted to be transported in accordance with chapter 3.4, limited quantities.


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IMDG Code (Supplement). 3. DGL - Dangerous Goods List.

Imdg dangerous goods list

EG nr 1907/2006 - Entegris

Imdg dangerous goods list

Carriage of marine Dangerous goods are categorized into the following categories according to international regulations of IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods code): Category 1: Explosives. Substances and articles at risk of mass explosion. Substances and goods … Mobile application IMDG TOOL mainly displays selected interpretations and information sourced in the Chapter 3.2 (Dangerous Goods List) of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code) incorporating Amendment 37-14. Updated with IMO documents: • Errata & Corrigenda (December 2015): IMDG Code, 2014 Edition (IJ200E) • Annex 8 (resolution MSC.372(93) on Amendments to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code was developed as a uniform international code for the transport of dangerous goods by sea covering such matters as packing, container traffic and stowage, with particular reference to the segregation of incompatible substances. According to transport regulations, dangerous goods must be assigned to one of the Proper Shipping Names shown in Dangerous Goods List of the applicable transport regulations such as ADR, ICAO-IATA DGR, IMO-IMDG Code, RID or 49 CFR. 2020-10-25 2020-10-28 IMDG Code means the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee of the Organization by resolution MSC.122(75) The objective of the IMDG Code is to enhance the safe carriage of dangerous goods while facilitating the free unrestricted movement of such goods and prevent pollution to the environment. Dangerous Goods List Segregation update in the IMDG Code Amendment 39-18 The IMDG Code defines “segregation” as the process of separating two or more substances or articles which are considered mutually incompatible wen their packing or stowage together may result in undue hazards in case of leakage, spillage or any other accident.

Imdg dangerous goods list

This video explains the structure and purpose of the IMDG Code.
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This following list includes such commodities as propane gas lighters, ordinary wall paint, fireworks, liquor, garden weed-killers, and more.

Segregation. 31.
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IMDG code: international maritime dangerous goods code

‘Dangerous goods’ are materials or items with hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/ or their means of transport.